Northwest Center Professional Training Opportunities (PTOP) Program Awardees present Research at NOHC

October 30, 2017

Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety Professional
Training Opportunities (PTOP) Program Awardees presented their work during a special session at the Northwest Occupational Health Conference.

The PTOP program provides small grant funding to support students from all
disciplines and fields for projects that address worker health.

Student Lauren Park shared about her experience on LinkedIn:

I spent the last few days in Spokane, Washington at the 2017 Northwest Occupational Health Conference sponsored by the Pacific Northwest chapter of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). At this conference, I had the opportunity to present preliminary findings from an ongoing research project regarding incivility in nursing with a special focus on racial differences.

Pictured here are the winners of funding for occupational health-related research and professional development through the Professional Training Opportunities Program at the University of Washington’s Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety (I am second from the right). I had a wonderful time hearing about their ongoing research, as well as the work of other industrial hygiene and occupational health professionals in the PNW region! I was inspired by the work happening to address health and safety issues unique to industries in our area, including logging, commercial fishing, and the cannabis industry.”


Presentations included:

Effects of Working Memory and Muscle Fatigue on Dynamic Gait Balance in Older
Szu-Hua (Theresa) Chen, Department of Human Physiology, University of Oregon

Cannabis Industry and Pesticide Usage
Richard Evoy, Public Health PhD Program, Oregon State University

Extending the Quality Improvement of Child Care to Include the Carer: Identifying the Extent of Occupational Health Risks for Child Care Providers
Jessica Henry, Public Health and Human Sciences, Human Development and Family
Sciences, Oregon State University

Differential Stress/Strain Resources Among Nurses as a Function of Race
Lauren Park, Applied I/O Psychology, Portland State University

The Impact of Caregiving on Worker Health: A Daily Study of Personal Support Workers
Kelsey Parker, Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences, Oregon Health and
Science University

Job Hazard Analysis in Agriculture: Developing Tools to Evaluate the Effect of
Alternative Production Systems on Worker Health
Jessica Porter, Department of Community and Environmental Health, Boise State

Are you interested in applying for PTOP funding for your project? Learn more about the program here:


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