The Northwest Center Participates in Region-wide Outreach

April 7, 2017

Northwest Center Continuing Education Director, Nancy Simcox, participated in several recent outreach activities. Outreach is a key component of the Northwest Center mission, and contributes to our efforts to create valuable community partnerships with others working in health and safety.

Lynda Krepps, long time partner at the University of Alaska, visiting the NWC Booth.

“As part of our NWC outreach activities this past month, I attended the Oregon Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Conference and the Alaska Governor’s Safety and Health Conference. These regional conferences provide us great opportunities to connect with practitioners and NWCOHS alumni to share research, resources and upcoming professional development course offerings.  

It’s always great to visit with many of our colleagues like Dede Montgomery and Kent Anger in Oregon.  I enjoy meeting with new health and safety professionals to exchange

Making new connections in AK for the NWC PTOP Program!

ideas and solicit information from those who are working to prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace. As the new Director of AKOSH,  Deborah Kelly shared new regulatory changes, training ideas and new emphasis areas for Alaska during her great keynote presentation.  I also discussed our new NWC Professional Training Opportunities Program with students and staff from University of Alaska Anchorage including Diane Runge, Dean of AAU-CTC.”

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