ERC Trainee Darrick Dickerson Graduates to Boeing

ERC Trainee, and recent MS graduate, Darrick Dickerson turned his Industrial Hygiene dreams into reality through his training at the Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety! 

During the summer of 2016 Darrick interned at Boeing as part of his Master’s program practicum.

Darrick01“During my internship I gained extensive hands-on experience with industrial hygiene equipment, and developed my skills in assessing potential health hazards, and communicating risks, in a manner that is understandable to customers who don’t have a background in occupational health and safety,” said Darrick.

As Northwest Center ERC Trainee Darrick had the unique opportunity to compliment his classroom learning with real life experience at Boeing. “Through my internship with Boeing I was able to refine my risk communication skills, gain familiarity with government and company regulations, and practice compliance enforcement in a hands-on environment,” said Dickerson. “Perhaps the most important skill I developed through my schooling was how to assess occupational exposures and safety concerns, and determine the best way to reduce or eliminate hazards. Through my internship at Boeing I was able to practice these skills in the real world.”

Upon completion of his Master’s degree in Exposure Sciences, Darrick was offered a full-time position with Boeing as an Occupational Safety Administrator. He now helps Boeing to refine workplace processes, and investigate areas of improvement, to reduce current and future safety and health hazards. He also helps ensure that the company remains in compliance with federal and state regulations. “I love the work I do,” says Darrick, “I feel great knowing that my work benefits the lives and wellbeing of those around me!”

Click here to learn more about degree programs and career opportunities through the University of Washington Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety!

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