ERC Student Interns at UW’s Major Capital Projects Division

November 28, 2016

Construction Management Safety and Health (CMOSH) Trainee, Christopher Mak, spent his summer interning for the University of Washington’s Major Capital Projects Division, where he participated in a case study on Temporary LED Construction Lighting at the UW Animal Research and Care Facility Construction Site.

Temporary LED lighting
at the project site
(Photo: Chris Mak)

Mak’s research focused on UW’s implementation and utilization of low-voltage LEDs for temporary construction lighting, and understanding why it was chosen over other options. His case study built off of previous research conducted by Yi Jie Huang in 2014, where Huang studied temporary construction lighting at the UW’s Bothell Phase 3 Project.

Key findings from his case study included more consistent compliance to the lighting requirement, better maintenance of lights when LEDs were used. He also found that there is a need for a temporary construction lighting schedule to understand energy costs, and a material cost database for better access to cost data. These findings will help inform the University of Washington on how temporary LED lighting can be used to its full benefit.

Over the course of 8 weeks, he spent 15 hours a week on-site participating in site walk throughs, safety meetings, and even follow-up procedures of a near-miss incident that occurred during his internship, in addition to conducting his case study. While nobody was injured in the near-miss incident, the follow-up meetings and investigative reports provided Chris with a unique learning opportunity and gave him a taste of the day-to-day life of an EH&S professional. The internship also gave Mak the opportunity to shadow Skanska’s EH&S officer, Chiung-I Hwang.

Chris2“Through this internship I was able to see the daily operations of a multimillion dollar, publicly owned construction project. I witnessed safety and health practices through ‘morning stretch and flex’, job site safety meetings and announcements, and CPO’s campus-wide safety meeting and site walks.”

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