2016 Northwest Occupational Health Conference a Huge Success!

November 17, 2016

Conference contributors, including Dana Stahl, UW DEOHS and 2016 PNS-AIHA President, enjoying the NOHC Conference.

The Northwest Center was pleased to support the 2016 Northwest Occupational Health Conference (NOHC), which was held October 19-21 in Portland Oregon. This annual conference is organized and hosted by the Pacific Northwest Section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (PNS-AIHA).  More than 200 participants attended the conference. James Martin, 2016 conference chair and 2017 PNS-AIHA President did a fantastic job in bringing this year’s conference together.

Dr. Steven Shea Director of the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences (OIOHS) was the 2016 Breysse lecturer and the first speaker of the day for the Short Course, Health and Safety in the 24/7 Economy on October 19. Dr. Shea’s primary research focus is the effect of circadian rhythms and sleep disorders on human disease.

Dr. Shea (far right) presented as this year’s Breysse Memorial Lecturer.

The short course course covered many aspects of sleep and shift work, including scientific research and the reality of the work that needs to happen over multiple shifts for both employers and employees. The course was coordinated by Dana Stahl from UW DEOHS and 2016 PNS-AIHA President, with assistance from Dede Montgomery from OIOHS and Steve Eversmeyer from Oregon OSHA.

Northwest Center Trainees participated heavily in the NOHC conference, and several were awarded NOHC Scholarships. Congratulations to our 2016 PNS-AIHA Scholarship Winners! We wish you a long and successful career in Industrial Hygiene:

2016 PNS-AIHA Scholarship Winners!

1st Place: Sophie Hegg

2nd Place: Trace Forkan

3rd Place: Emily Zamzow and Siobhan Wock

Honorable Mention: Allyson O’Connor and Chase Billington

The Northwest Center coordinated several sessions for the 2016 NOHC Conference including the NW Regional Panel: Research Advances in the Northwest and NW Regional OHS Workshop: Professional Training Opportunities Program, during which several

ERC Trainees Allyson O’Connor and Emily Zamzow

ERC students shared their training experiences.

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